Chairman's Desk

We believe success can be achieved with strong will power, persistence, hard work, confidence, dedication and quality work, with this belief today we have laid down the concept of "BAKERY INDUSTRY" derived from a small baking business, with the concept 'CHAKOTE GROUP' is well known in the Indian Food Division which has been noticed by everyone.

We have been contributing to the development of our country by providing employment and availing various basic needs to the needy through various projects of the 'CHAKOTE GROUP'. We have never focused over profits but started this as an act of a social service.

CHAKOTE FAMILY has undertaken various social activities and projects under 'Kai. GANPATI ANNA CHAKOTE CHARITABLE TRUST', one of which is "ANNASAHEB BALASAHEB CHAKOTE ENGLISH SCHOOL".

There are various educational options and opportunities available today, but the expenditure for such education has crossed the budgets of common man due to which the middle class society is unable to provide quality education to their children. Looking at all such aspects, to provide high class education at a very reasonable amount is our motto and hence is the establishment of the educational organization so that the people from farmer, worker class, small business category can afford to educate their children in a better way.

We have lush green and fresh surrounding, fresh and enthusiastic environment, student friendly amenities and arrangements. Facilities like garden, dance, swimming, horse riding, various kinds of sports, brain development and all such activities are made available.

We aspire to bring up all rounders. Our students will not only gain bookish knowledge but also acquire knowledge for business and self development which will help them in becoming self sufficient and excellent decision makers.

Mr. Annasaheb Chakote